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Anna Mae Thomson Alphonse, M.Div., M.Ed.

The Rev. Dr. Alford W. Alphonse’s book, Not Without Honor, is like the trinity – three-in-one: 1). It is an analysis of the Biblical  prophetic tradition. 2) It is a biography. 3) It is a political tract. He, and those who are more concerned about moving this country forward as opposed “taking our country back,” fervently hope that Barak Obama wins a second term!

Dr. Alphonse is an impressive storyteller. He writes profoundly with great conviction. Continuing the trinitarian thought pattern, there are three parts of the book that particularly captured  my imagination:

1)      The chapter on John the Baptist

2)      The chapter on peace

3)      The description of Clarence Thomas’ burning bush.

John the Baptist is described as bursting on the scene. When I visited relatives in Illinois when Obama was running for senator, I saw Obama signs all over Carbondale, Illinois. I  had to ask, “Who is Obama?” He had just burst on the scene! Obama himself described himself as a skinny guy with a funny name. Now in 2012, he is a household name.  Rev. Alphonse describes the journey well from anonymity to world fame and honor.

The chapter on peace is intriguing to me because it describes war as a mindset.  The chapter calls for us to start thinking peace instead of war. Dr. Alphonse writes with conviction and a call for us to commit to peace. We must develop a global consciousness with the help of leaders like Obama.

The prophets, major and minor, provide some of the most wonderful metaphorical Judeo- Christian insights.  Clarence Thomas’ reference to the burning bush as a barbeque is just plain hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic. It seems that Dr. Alphonse uses the story as a parable of how difficult it is for Obama to work with people who just don’t get it, or perhaps don’t even want to get it.

Further, I would like to say that Dr. Alphonse’s background, Panama, Jamaica, England, Boston, and director of the Latin American Division of the United Methodist Board of Missions, has given him a unique perspective from which to write this book. His experience is broad and his understandings deep.

Anna Mae Thomson Alphonse, M.Div., M.Ed. 1968 graduate, Garrett Theological School,
Northwestern University.

“Thank you very much for sending me the book, Not Without Honor. I read it with great pleasure and thoroughly enjoyed the Biblical scholarship you demonstrated. Certainly this book enables the reader to see the Christian faith of President Obama and how he tries to live it on a daily basis. Needless to say, you have accomplished what you have set out to do as your words say, “I hope reading this personal, pastoral and political assessment of our current President has given you as much pleasure as it has given me.” (p.167)

Thanks again for sharing this rich and insightful writing about our President.”
Sudarshana Devadhar , Resident Bishop – New England Annual Conference
Lawrence, Massachusetts

Ivan Alphonse
Not Without Honor gives a succinct comparison of Obama and Isaiah – the Old Testament prophet – in which the author, Rev. Dr. A. W. Alphonse, sees the role of the prophet as that of one who brings ‘light’, that is, peace, economic prosperity and justice to the nation(s) (pp. 54-55).

The timeliness of this insight into Obama’s prophetic mission cannot be under-estimated as he now faces the challenges of re-election. Obama’s “light” cannot be delayed as,- in the words of James Baldwin – “the challenge is in the moment; the time is now”.

Ivan Alphonse Texas

“For millions of people the thrill of seeing Barack Obama beat the odds to become president was one of the most exciting and uplifting experiences of our lives. Knowing the biblical parallels of this event is comforting.”
Peter Cole, Los Angeles, US

International Reviews

Brilliant in conception, and divinely inspired, Alford Alphonse’s book on Barack Obama is a fascinating blend of scholarship and perception. Taking its title from Jesus’ observation in Mark 6:4 that “a prophet is not without honor except in his own country,” Not Without Honor is unique in locating the 44th President of the United States in the prophetic tradition of the Old Testament prophets and also with the hope of the New Testament as portrayed by Paul in the Acts and John in Revelation.
Ewart Walters, Canada

Rev. Dr. Lesley G. Anderson
Not Without Honor is a formidable, enlightening and interesting well written book on President Barack Obama by the Rev. Dr. Alford Alphone. The book is well researched and is undergirded by Scripture, particularly from the prophets. The author sheds new light on President Obama’s life and work as a prophetic President. The attributes of each of the chosen prophets are linked to that of President Obama in a manner and style that opens for the reader a new vista of who President Obama really is.

The book is stimulating and offers every reader a positive and exciting image of President Obama, while paradoxically, it holds in the balance a revelation of possible challenges President Obama ought to take cognizance of as he governs the world’s greatest nation. The book is commendable to biblical scholars, politicians, sociologists, university students studying in the field of politics, theological students and persons in possibly every field of endeavour.

It is a contemporary book that ought to be in the hands of persons seeking a new adventure in politico-prophetic spirituality.

Rev. Dr. Lesley G. Anderson Superintendent, North Trinidad Methodist Circuit
Trinidad and Tobago

“The Rev Dr Alphonse, a theological Scholar & Practitioner for over 50 years has done a superb job of linking the words, works & times of Barrack Obama to Old Testament Prophets from Joseph to St. John the Devine.

The entire book “Not without Honor” is a must-read and the chapter on Isaiah the Prophet stands out especially because his proclamations were used in the past by several other inspirational leaders notably Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson.

I will keep this book on my bedside table as happenings in President Obama’s second term unfold & manifest themselves and would urge Americans of whatever ilk to do the same.”
Boyd Hyacinth Neita, Jamaica

Prof. Adelaida Jones
Your book reflects the abundant research you put into it. I was able to relate to the various prophets as they applied to Obama, but the section that impressed me was the one with Habakkuk because I always hurried through his prophesies as requiured reading nothing more. Now next year I will have to read more carefully to see how his faith can be applied to Yes we Can. I also learned a lot about how politics works and how politicians operate. Best of all, the book is readable and flows smoothly from one idea to the next. Good job!
Prof. Adelaida Jones Retired English Professor, University of Panama,
Panama Republica de Panama

“We have got a copy of Not Without Honor and have started reading. We must say that we are impressed with it and we send heartiest congratulations to the author, to Hope, other members of the family and those who were sources of encouragement and inspiration. The book should do well at UTCWI (Thelogical College in Jamaica) other colleges and libraries. We have been talking to others about it. Congrats…”
Rev, Terence & Mrs. Shhirley Rose, Jamaica

Rev. Alphonse, I called you on Thursday to let you know that I have received the book and I am already on chapter five!!! So far chapter one, the process of noming, is very significant but I really like chapter four on the comparison between Moses and Obama!!!

Another thing is that the test flows…some books you have to slog through but this is a really good read!! Congratulations and I certainly hope it gets the attention it deserves from readers and especially Obama!!! Thanks for the lovely gift.

Maria Uberlndia, Minas Gerais - Brazil

“The feelings of joy, hope, and anticipation were heady and unforgettable when I read Not Without Honor.”
B. Chestnut, London

Carmela L. Gobern
I am acknowledging my own personal autographed gift copy of Not Without Honor. Very impressive indeed. I have taken a glance through and it certainly is easy and interesting reading. I trust that you will get lots of sales. We will continue to promote. I appreciate receiving a copy.


Carmela L. Gobern Editor, Panama CyberNews,
Panama Republica de Panama